Start building with the Wingspan’s Open API

For companies that need to take their contractor payments and benefits to the next level. The power to build a custom integration for your unique business needs.
Implement Wingspan’s best-in-class API infrastructure to process payments, provision benefits, and manage your end-to-end contractor experience.

Automate your contractor journey

Manage your entire contractor lifestyle from onboarding, compliance, and off-boarding
Programmatically initiate payments, approve or reject invoices, and customize payment methods
Use Wingspan’s API alongside your internal tools for a more personalized experience
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Create advanced reports

Ingest Wignspan’s data into your data lake
Create custom reports joined to your internal data
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Secure your contractor data

Reduce liability by securing your data
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Onboard and manage contractors

Free your team from the hassle of contractor onboarding and compliance
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Streamline your contractor payments

Save time and money on contractor payments
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Offer health & financial benefits

Boost contractor satisfaction and retention
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Integrate your existing software

Leave tedious data transfers behind
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Lead your company into the future of work with Wingspan

Fast payments, health and financial benefits, and seamless integrations with no compromises.