May Product Update

At Wingspan, we’re kicking off a new month with brand new features and enormous improvements to help you work smarter. Plus, we’ve ramped up our product release updates, so you know exactly when a cool new feature drops.

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You’ve built a solid crew of kick-ass freelancers. And together, you’re crushing your goals. But you don’t have the bandwidth to deal with managing and paying your collaborators. With Wingspan’s latest release, you can put it all on autopilot. Today, we're proud to introduce Collaborator Payments the easy way to manage, track, and automate subcontractor payments—all in one place (in Wingspan).

1. Pay your team faster (with no hidden fees).

Wingspan handles all the heavy lifting, from W-9s to making deposits as fast as possible, so you can pay subcontractors with one click and get on with your day.

2. Split revenue automatically.

Divvy up income from any project seamlessly. Here's how it works: When your client pays an invoice, you decide the dollar amount that goes to each of your subcontractors. For example, say you receive a $10,000 payment from a client. With Collaborator Payments, you can send $2,500 to teammate A, $2,500 to teammate B, and keep the remaining $5,000 for yourself.

3. Streamline compliance.

Onboard subcontractors in 90 seconds—really! Wingspan automatically gathers their W9 and verifies their identity. At year-end, we generate tax form 1099 and send it to your subcontractors. Because everything is synced in Wingspan's all-in-one platform, all your transactions stay in one spot. When tax time comes, it's easy to parse out which payouts are for subcontractors, and which payments are from your own clients.

Get beta access to Wingspan Teams.

Wingspan is better when you share. And now, members get early access to our new Wingspan Teams experience. With one click, you can invite others (like your business partner or your CPA) to access your Wingspan account. Heck, you can even manage your multiple side hustles and businesses—all in one place. Email us at if you'd like early access.

Stay up-to-date on product releases.

When a cool new feature drops, you want to know about it ASAP. That’s why we’ve ramped up our product release updates to once a week. That way, you know exactly when an upgrade happens—and use it to boost your business.  Check it out.

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