The workforce has changed.
It's time your payments kept up.

Save time, money and give your 1099s the experience they deserve. See 1099 benefits

Streamlining operations to better the whole team

Effortless payments, automated compliance, and airtight security. Lock in 1099 retention. Our one-stop shop gets freelancers the support and benefits of full-timers.

Onboard in 90 seconds with easy invite links

Invite 1099s to join your network requiring them to complete onboarding questions, uploading Form W-9s, and enabling secure payments.

Streamlined 1099 process at year end

Easily create, manage, file, and deliver 1099 forms on behalf.

Stay compliant and protect your team's information

Minimize risk by limiting data sharing with third-parties. Wingspan's security tools and practices ensure that your team's sensitive information is safely collected and stored.

Notes and document storage

Keep track of everything from contracts, NDAs, W9s and store private notes on their profiles.

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member experience

Gift your 1099s complete back office support like never before.

For your 1099s, Wingspan is an ever expanding one-stop shop that gives them the support and benefits of full-timers.

We’re proud of the features below, but check out our full list.

  • Automated tax withholdings & IRS tax payments
  • Income & deductible expense tracking
  • Fortune 500 Benefits Portal including insurance and non-insurance benefits & perks
  • Company formation & S-Corp Payroll
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We spend $30-$50M a year on contractors and it’s a trend that is accelerating. It’s always a challenge administering 1099s for the agencies I've worked with: it's complicated, they need to be set up properly, and they often don’t know how to do it correctly. We spend a lot of time helping with the basics.
CEO of 300 person event marketing agency
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Wingspan is growing quickly, and sees the opportunity to extending its offering in several directions to combat income volatility including the potential for lines of credit, retirement savings and help obtaining mortgages.