we wonder

Why hasn’t the world caught up with freelancing?

From taxes to insurance, being self-employed is unnecessarily complicated. The problem isn’t freelancing or you. It’s the fact that the employer-employee relationship was never built with independent workers in mind.
the good ol' days
the employer–employee model

The old way of working had its perks.

When you’re working full-time, hard but tedious tasks like withholding taxes or managing health benefits are handled for you. Many of us take these perks for granted — until they’re gone.
the freelance model

A new way to work is working.

When you work for yourself as a freelancer or contractor, you’re paving your own path forward. The downside is that working for yourself doesn’t come with an employee handbook. So what’s a freelancer to do?
our mission

We started Wingspan so you can work the way you want.

We founded Wingspan so independent workers, self-employed professionals, and freelancers like you can handle their business with confidence while getting the support they need. The employer-employee model doesn't work if you want to work for yourself, so we designed a system that does.
our values

 Members first

We’re focused on serving the ever-evolving needs of our members. This means continually building new products and services that actually help our members work for themselves the way they want.

Shared purpose

We are stronger together. With the shared experience of working independently, we understand the value in building a common community that can advocate, connect, and support one another.

New standards

We believe the definition of work is outdated, and it hasn’t kept up with the independent workforce that is only continuing to grow. We designed Wingspan to be the essential everything our members need, all in one place.

Make magic

We’re challenging the existing assumption that choosing to work for yourself means living with uncertainty and chaos. Wingspan provides freelancers with confidence, stability and flexibility with a freelancing experience that simply works.
wingspan works together

With Wingspan, onboard, pay, and support contractors effortlessly

Retain your workforce, mitigate risk, eliminate drudgery and create new opportunities