Turn your contractor workflows into a competitive advantage

Wingspan automates the entire work lifecycle for companies that rely on independent contractors. Compliantly onboard, pay and support your flexible workforce – all from one platform.
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Thousands of finance leaders are saving time and money

Automate contractor workflows
Streamline operations and complexity, consolidate reporting, integrate with key business tools
Simplify compliance requirements
Navigate compliance requirements like IRS, tax, 1099 filing, and more with a trusted partner
Attract and retain contractor talent
Make onboarding seamless, pay out instantly, and offer unmatched benefits that incentivize loyalty
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Effortless onboarding

Invite a contractor with just an email
Contractor self-serve onboarding including bank account, W-9 & eSignatures
Track progress at a high level on what steps the contractor has remaining
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Streamlined payments

Elegant yet easy process eliminates costs of errors
Increase retention with transparent, same day payments
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Automated compliance

Automate the secure generation, verification, and filing of contractor 1099 tax forms
Eliminate compliance risks with seamlessly integrated background checks
Never chase down a W-9 again

Easy integration & reporting

Gain transparency into workforce by synching Finance, HR & Project Management tools
Create unified view across accounting and finance with flexible, secure APIs
For Contractors

Self-serve onboarding

Securely update personal information without emailing sensitive data
Contractors know exactly what they still need to submit to onboard
Provides flexibility and autonomy for your own process
For Contractors

Transparent & timely payments

Manage cash flow with payment process visibility
Same day payouts as the rest of the team
For Contractors

Financial tools to help run their business

Track income, identify write-offs
Automatic tax withholding with estimated payments
Business banking with no fees, no minimums, and a free Wingspan debit card
For Contractors

Benefits full-time employees will envy

Discounted health, vision, dental and life insurance designed for contractors
27+ discounted premium perks including Teladoc, Health Advocate, Tax Hotline and more
Finally able to access similar benefits as big-company employees

Loved by thousands of contractors

Abigail Schantz
Waho! I've been using Wingspan for the past month and have been been loving it - easy payment tracking, accounting support, free Teladoc visits  😻🤩 Thank team for prioritizing these benefits for the community 👏🏻
Devon Lara Lucas
I love the personalized experience of using Wingspan. You can really feel that Wingspan values the relationship with their members.
Christian Arnder
Wingspan is mad easy to set up and use
Savannah Falzarano
If you're a freelancer, independent contractor etc you need to be using Wingspan. The way my taxes are about to be snatched for 2021, benefits...
Brenna Coyle
I absolutely love! I've used it for over a year now. So easy and affordable.
Christina Quinn
I’ve loved Wingspan as a freelancer - they offer an option to automatically withhold tax from all my invoices from clients and have one-touch submission to the IRS for estimated quarterly taxes of that balance
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Reduce liability by securing your data
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Onboarding & compliance

Effortless onboarding & streamlined payments
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Streamlined payments

Transparent & timely payments
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Contractor benefits

Benefits full-time employees will envy
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Easy integration & reporting

Gain transparency into workforce by synching Finance, HR & Project Management tools
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“We spend $50M a year on contractors. And that is accelerating.

It’s a challenge administering 1099s. It's complicated, they need to be set up properly, and they often don’t know how to do it correctly.”
CEO, Event Marketing Company
Actual results vary by customer

Lead your company into the future of work with Wingspan

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