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Embedded contractor onboarding, payroll, and more.

Delight customers, increase retention, stay compliant, and maximize revenue. Bring Wingspan’s end-to-end 1099 payroll experience into your platform while keeping your brand front and center.

Enable the fastest, most flexible payouts available…and monetize them.

Wingspan delivers funds faster than any other solution on the market with instant payouts directly into any account through RTP.

If flexibility is more important to your business than speed, Wingspan also provides a wide array of other payout options, including standard ACH and wires.

Workers can even select from over 300 gift cards to receive funds.

Introduce new financial products, health benefits, and wellness options.

Monetize the economic activity on your platform through embedded finance and add new product lines, like health and wellness subscriptions to increase retention.

Centralize your data on one unified platform.

If you manage contractor payroll for multiple B2B clients, gain the benefits of having all your data on one multi-tenant platform rather than separate instances of software for each client. Make reporting seamless across your client base.

Trusted by businesses that
run on contingent work.