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If you are an employer here to understand the difference between Wingspan and Deel, you're in the right place.

What is the difference between Wingspan and Deel?

International payroll, taxes, and compliance may be easier with Deel. If you want to simplify your contractor onboarding, payments, and compliance while hiring US-based contractors, Wingspan might be a better choice.

Streamline 1099 Payments

It's expensive and time-consuming to stay on top of things when paying contractors. Wingspan interacts with all of your other systems and collects and reports contractor payments to the IRS automatically.

Reduce Freelancer Attrition

The most significant problem facing organizations is finding and keeping their skilled employees. Unlike Deel, Wingspan provides your contractors with a full-suite of tools to manage their business, which helps them stay on board for longer. They can set aside money for taxes, obtain insurance, and organize their income & expenses when you pay your workers through Wingspan.

Help your contractors with taxes

Freelancers, unlike full-time W-2s, have difficulty with taxes, which detracts from their productivity and contributes to attrition.

The most difficult tasks for contractors are balancing income for taxes, paying quarterly estimated taxes, and claiming tax deductions.

When you pay your contractors through Wingspan, they have the option of setting aside the appropriate portion of their earnings for estimated taxes. Freelancers are required to submit quarterly estimated taxes. Your contractors are reminded to make these payments and receive 1-click payments directly to the IRS by Wingspan.

Many 1099 expenses can be deducted, reducing their tax obligation. Wingspan allows your freelance contractors to link their bank accounts. Deductible expenses are automatically identified and your 1099s can understand their income and expenses over time.

Keep your contractors' attention on their job

Wingspan helps you give your contractors affordable benefits while remaining in compliance with employment law. Wingspan can help you get insurance and set up your LLCs for your 1099s. Health Advocate, 24/7 Telemedicine, and other big-company perks may be subsidized.

Pay more quickly than your competitors

Nowadays, contractors have more employment alternatives than ever before, and they are seeking employers that pay promptly. Pay your contractors via next-day ACH or instant payments.

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I feel that I can really control my income now that I don’t have to worry about fees being take from my invoices.
Raydene Hansen
Creative Director + Designer
I love the personalized experience of using Wingspan. My questions are always responded to, even if the immediate answer is that the question is a new one and a solution will be found. The team always follows up and keeps the conversation going until they’re satisfied I have my answer. You can really feel that Wingspan values the relationship with their members.
Devon Lara Lucas
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