Security and trust

Security is our #1 priority.

We know this isn’t just another website — this is your livelihood.
That’s why security is at the heart of everything we do.
three pillars of security
pillar 1


Our base infrastructure runs on some of the most secure infrastructure available (Google Cloud Platform).
We ensure that all our partners and infrastructure providers meet our high security standards.
We use industry-standard encryption to secure your data, from your browser all the way down to our servers.
pillar 2

Software development

Security best practices are built into software designs, and coding processes.
We extensively test our software to prevent any problems.
Our software is routinely audited by external technology security providers to ensure we don’t miss anything.
pillar 3


We have a dedicated internal security team that’s actively monitoring our systems and is ready to respond in the event of suspicious activity.
We are certified HIPPA, SOC, and PCI compliant, which helps set a high standard.
Our processes are designed to keep us accountable to you, and earn your trust.

Into the specifics?

We’re happy to share the details.
Feel free to ask us for more, anytime.
World-class encryption
All Wingspan services and data are protected with bank-level encryption in transit (using TLS 1.2 and above) and at rest (provided by GCP).
Breach notifications
In the unlikely event of a security breach, Wingspan's internal security team will secure our member's data and notify those affected as soon as the breach is contained.
Penetration testing and monitoring
We continuously monitor our infrastructure for performance, reliability and suspicious activity. Periodically, we engage with external technology security companies to audit and test our security policies.
Compliance programs
Wingspan is fully compliant with HIPPA, SOC and PCI.
High availability
Wingspan is there when you need us: we strive to make our service available 24/7/365.
Continuous backups
All data is replicated and backed up continuously just in case.
Privacy and security training
All Wingspan services and data are protected with bank-level encryption in transit (using TLS 1.2 and abAll Wingspan employees are trained and certified on data handling best practices.ove) and at rest (provided by GCP).
Data isolation policies
Our system distinguishes between different levels of data sensitivity and adds additional layers of security accordingly.
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