Tax Compliance

File 1099s in one click, integrate with accounting systems and maintain the data you need for audits


hrs saved per 1099 during tax season


elimination of compliance risk of missing 1099 deadlines

1-click creation and filing of Form 1099-NEC

Wingspan automatically generates your 1099-NEC forms and handles e-filing with the IRS and states. For contractors, Wingspan delivers their 1099s to them via mail and the Wingspan app.

Wingspan has verified W-9 data and knows what you’ve paid your workers, making it easy for us to generate all your 1099s with a single click.

Contractor portal with reminders and 1099 corrections

Contractors can easily download their 1099 from the Wingspan portal and see what payments make up their 1099 amount.

Wingspan keeps contractors in the loop during the process. Contractors get a reminder prior to filing to confirm personal information and 1099 delivery format. After filing, contractors can suggest a correction. Wingspan handles resolving suggestions and re-filing the 1099.

Audit-ready and built for scale

Wingspan provides audit logs that include correction justifications and TIN verification with easy IRS data-pack exports.

Easily handle high volumes of 1099. Wingspan scales when your team cannot.

Permissions and delegation of approvals lets you distribute 1099 duties across segment owners on large AP teams. Even sub-entities are a breeze with built-in access controls.

Trusted by businesses that
run on contingent work.