Our mission

Help us bring the future of work back to the future.

We don’t blink an eye when W2 employees get biweekly paychecks, automatic tax withholding and access to benefits. Why can’t flexible work be just as smooth? It’s the question that millions of Americans are asking, and the driving force behind our mission at Wingspan.

The problem

The messy back office of managing contractors at scale

Today one out of three Americans is an independent contractor. Despite the continued growth of the freelance economy, the future of work has been stuck dreadfully in the past.

Payroll, bill payment, and benefit systems weren’t designed to handle the new reality. They were built for a world that revolves around W2 employees.

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The insight

Flexible businesses have unique processes to manage

In today’s economy, more businesses than ever are being built on a flexible workforce, yet nothing today is built for managing client-facing contractors at scale.

With rapid growth and increasing expectations, it can all fall apart, leaving companies that rely on revenue-generating contingent workers with missed revenue or an inability to retain talent. 

The solution

A flexible work platform for flexible work businesses

For the first time ever, businesses can now automate the full lifecycle of flexible work including onboarding, invoicing, payments, compliance, and benefits – all in one place.

Wingspan is trusted by hundreds of businesses that rely on a flexible workforce to drive revenue, and we’ve saved them all thousands of dollars and countless headaches.

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Our growth

Our journey, by the numbers


2019 by Anthony Mironov and Greg Franczyk


$23.5 million raised, including a $14 million Series A led by Andreessen Horowitz. Solid financial backing that fuels our growth and stability.

Team Expansion

From a 20-person team in March 2023 to now over 40 in Nov 2023 and growing.

Market Impact

Managing over $1B in contractor payments in a $1.4 trillion market. We're a significant player in a booming industry.

Our leadership

Wingspan’s leadership and team hail from some of the top companies in their fields

Our investors

Backed by some of New York’s best operators and investors

Our investors include the CEOs and founders of OpenDNS, Warby Parker, Harry’s, Allbirds, Invision, and Flatiron Health.

Swift Ventures
Founder of TubeMogul
Asymmetric Capital
Founder of Catalant
Operator Partners
Founders of Flatiron Health
Clark Valberg
Founder of Invision