Contractor Help Desk

Ongoing Tier 1 support for contractors, during tax season or whenever


reduction in admin hours spent onboarding and on payments


faster onboarding of 1099s

Offload Tier 1 Support

Wingspan provides Tier 1 support for contractors for resolving issues throughout the contractor lifecycle. From onboarding, to payments and 1099 filing, Wingspan is there to handle all the basic questions around using the platform, data issues or getting paid.

Wingspan scales where you can’t

For large onboarding batches, Wingspan can handle the load of requests because we manage staffing support across all our customers.

And, during tax season, we’re ready to be there for you when you can’t staff up yourself.

Driving maximum efficiency

By handling your Tier 1 contractor help desk, Wingspan gets first-hand insight into where all the problem areas are in managing contractor financial operations. This gives us the insight to introduce new features and continually make our platform easier to use, to eliminate future issues altogether.

Trusted by businesses that
run on contingent work.