Offload 1099 creation, filing and delivery

Reclaim your January with Wingspan managing your entire 1099-NEC process

Automate all your work around tax season

Wingspan automates creation, reconciliation, filing and delivery of 1099-NEC forms.

With the knowledge of who you’ve paid and all their details, Wingspan handles the complete workflow automatically.

Free yourself from long email threads as Wingspan handles worker correction requests and correction filing all within the platform.

Rest easy with compliance - this is all we do

Wingspan processes thousands of 1099-NEC forms each year. Our customers depend on us to manage the process better than any one company could, to ensure compliance.

Wingspan ensures you file on-time, with minimal errors. Our W-9 collection and TIN verification is built into the Wingspan onboarding process. In addition, we remind all your contractors to verify their data before we begin generating 1099 forms.

Even audits are a breeze. Seriously. Wingspan gives you audit logs, including all correction justifications, in easy IRS data-pack exports.

Seamless experience for your contractors

Your workers won’t feel like they have to hound you any more for the details they need to be compliant themselves.

Wingspan’s portal lets them check their data before 1099s are generated, view detailed pay data, download their 1099-NEC forms and submit correction requests.

If they have any questions along the way, the Wingspan Contractor Help Desk is just an email or phone call away.

Trusted by businesses that
run on contingent work.