Enable contractors to manage their health and financials

Drive more contractor loyalty and increase billable time by helping contractors get benefits and manage their business

Solve the hassles of contract work, and reduce contractor churn

Wingspan gives your contractors access to medical, dental and vision insurance. And, Wingspan has an array of big company benefits they can opt into.

Save your contractors admin time and open up more billable hours

Managing tax withholdings can be challenging and time consuming for many 1099 workers. Wingspan can automatically handle tax deductions and pay the IRS, saving your contractors lots of time. More time for them, means more billable hours for you.

Drive more self-service on your payroll platform by giving workers more reasons to use Wingspan

Wingspan gives workers an array of free financial software features, like bookkeeping, tracking write-offs and paying subcontractors.

By making Wingspan central to your contractor’s business, you keep your own business more compliant and drive more contractor self-service.

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run on contingent work.