Streamline and control onboarding and eligibility

Onboard and manage ongoing updates faster - say goodbye to your spreadsheets

Onboard contractors 4x faster

Wingspan consolidates your entire contractor onboarding process into one platform. From the first contractor touchpoint, to registered to staffed, never worry about moving the process forward. Wingspan integrates with everything you use in the process, and sends alerts and reminders to keep it moving forward.

Wingspan is the only self-service solution that brings together everything you need in a contractor onboarding flow.

Reduce time spent handling onboarding tasks

Getting tripped up with all the spreadsheets you use to track onboarding and keep data in sync? Put them all in the Recycle Bin with Wingspan.

Wingspan automatically collects W-9 data, verifies TIN information and can even handle background checks and eSignatures. Keep track of it all, automatically.

For more complex policies, let Wingspan do the heavy lifting. Easily configure your onboarding flow to let workers register but not fully onboard until they are staffed. Or, set up two different pay policies for different types of workers.

Eliminate tedious ongoing communications

Once contractors are on board, put your ongoing admin work on autopilot. Wingspan’s self-service portal for contractors makes it easy for them to make changes themselves to their profile, or even their entity type.

Workers can automatically update payout information, see detailed payment data and handle disputes all within an app. Even convert a contractor effortlessly from sole-proprietor to LLC or S Corp.

Trusted by businesses that
run on contingent work.