Contractor Benefits

Free finance software and options to purchase health benefits, offered independently by Wingspan for your contractors.

Solving their headaches gives you more loyalty and billable hours and keeping them coming back to Wingspan helps you drive more self-service usage and efficiency.


decrease in contractor churn


more hours per week of billable time per contractor

Provide access to health insurance and big company benefits

As part of being on the Wingspan platform, contractors get access to pre-vetted licensed brokers to help purchase health, vision, dental and life insurance benefits beyond what is available as individuals.

And for a fee, contractors can purchase big company benefits, called Premium Perks, including 24/7 Teledoc telemedicine and access to financial, legal and tax hotlines.

Enable contractors to easily manage money and pay taxes

Wingspan makes financial management easy for contractors. They get a free business bank account with a debit card that includes free ATM usage and instant deposits.

Taxes are a breeze as well, with free tax management. Wingspan automatically calculates taxes, withholds the required amount, handles payments to the IRS and states and generates Form 1040-ES.

Wingspan is not a bank. Banking services are provided by Blue Ridge Bank, N.A, Member FDIC. Deposits are FDIC-insured through Blue Ridge Bank, N.A., Member FDIC.
Empower contractors to manage all financial operations on one platform

Contractors can invoice all their clients for free. Wingspan includes free bookkeeping software, including income and expense tracking, tax write-off tracking and reporting, making life simple. For a fee, clients can even integrate Wingspan with Quickbooks and make payments to their subcontractors.

Wingspan keeps everything organized as well, with a document vault with free templates for proposals, contracts and NDAs.

By using Wingspan for all their financial operations, contractors stay engaged, and you get maximum impact of contractor self-service through Wingspan.

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