wingspan features

Everything you need to work the way you want.

Get Paid

Customizable contracts
Edit contracts in-platform and remove Wingspan branding.
Auto-generated invoices
Plug in your contract information and we'll take care of your invoices for you.
Expense reimbursements
Get your expenses reimbursed automatically.
Retainers on autopilot
Set retainers on autopilot for your long-term clients.
No fees
Pass on the processing fees to your clients.
Payment notifications
Accept simple and secure 1-2 day payouts and get notified when the money hits the bank.
Send automated invoices and get your own personal paylink.

Get Organized

Company formation
Get your business registered and all paperwork filed.
Accounting notifications
Real-time alerts for your business.
Recurring expense detection
See your spend by category with all vendors identified, and detect recurring expenses.
Tax savings
We'll find you tax savings automatically and let you export tax-ready financials.
Auto imports
Auto-import income and expenses from credit cards and banks.
Tax estimates
We'll estimate your quarterly and annual taxes based on your income and expenses.
Income & expense tracking
Manually track your income & expenses.

Get Covered

Health Advocate
Personalized concierge support for you and your family.
Retirement Accounts
401k & retirement account options.
Life Insurance
Find the best life insurance for you, at a special rate.
Vision Insurance
Find the best vision insurance for you, at a special rate.
Dental Insurance
Find the best dental insurance for you, at a special rate.
Health Insurance
Find the best health insurance for you, at a special rate.
Benefits portal
Platform access for you and your family.

Document Vault

Sign contracts, proposals, and tax documents directly in-app.
File sharing
Seamlessly share files with your accoutant or anyone else who might need them.
Secure upload
Upload your own docs to keep everything in one place.
Tax Documents
All the official forms and paperwork needed for taxes.
Checklists & Resources
We'll help you get organized and stay that way, with resources for every step of your business.
Proposals & Contracts
Edit and store proposals and contracts in one, secure place.


Vetted CPAs and Lawyers
Expert accounting and legal support from vetted CPAs and lawyers at special rates for you.
Concierge support
An always-on team dedicated to helping you.
Third-party file sharing
Share access with your accountant with just one click.
Lifetime portal access
Access to your account even after membership termination.
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