Freelancer Spotlight: Wingspan Wants to Feature You!

At Wingspan, we know that striking out on your own takes guts—especially when everything feels uncertain. And we want to inspire others to take the leap and start their own self-employed journey.  

Talented people change the world. Street artist Shepard Fairey didn’t limit himself to one medium. Rihanna didn’t constrain herself to one business. Steve Jobs didn’t restrict himself to one invention. And you shouldn’t limit your own potential. Whether you’ve been thinking about going freelance for years or are suddenly starting your own shop, Wingspan wants to celebrate your ingenuity and support your trail-blazing. We’re looking for creatives, consultants, and technical experts who have taken this great leap forward.  

Are you one of them? Tell us your story and we’ll feature you across the web to help inspire the next wave of talent.

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